Thanksgiving is fast approaching and for a lot of us that means our home will be filled with amazing foods…probably more food than we can eat in one day! Here are some Thanksgiving leftover ideas that you can put to work later this month when you find yourself drowning in turkey and stuffing! 


One of the great things about Thanksgiving is the food, of course, so why not celebrate that for more than just one day! With these Thanksgiving leftover ideas you get to enjoy your recipes for more than just that one single meal. 


Another reason you’ll love these leftover ideas for the Thanksgiving dinner is the fact that they can be used as fuel for your Black Friday shopping! You can make some of these ideas while you are shopping online this year, or if you are heading out to do your shopping in person some of these ideas are great for on the go! 


Thanksgiving is a time of sharing and being thankful for everything we have, so why not use some of these Thanksgiving leftover ideas as a way to share your good fortune with others! You can make some of these recipes and share them with family and friends or those less fortunate in your community. 

Recipes & Ideas for Leftovers from Thanksgiving in San Antonio: 

These easy and delicious recipes and ideas are great for Thanksgiving leftovers, you can turn those regular turkey day staples into something new and exciting. If you have picky eaters in your house or if you just aren’t a fan of eating leftovers, these meals will help with that! 


You won’t feel like you are eating turkey for the tenth time this week, you’ll feel like you have something entirely new and exciting to try. 

Turkey Pasta Bake

Where are my pasta lovers?! If you are always looking for an excuse to work pasta into the meal plan, this recipe is for you! A turkey pasta bake might seem a little odd but trust me, once you try it out, you’ll never want to use your turkey leftovers any other way! 


This tasty baked pasta dish is full of creamy sauce, pasta, and those comfort food flavors we start craving around the holidays! It’s an indulgence that is well worth the calories and it’s super family friendly. 

Turkey, Brie, Arugula, and Cranberry Sandwich

Of course we’ve all heard about making thanksgiving leftover sandwiches but this version takes things up a notch. You’ll be adding in some arugula for an extra crunch, some brie to really give things a special feel and flavor, and of course the turkey and cranberry are from the Thanksgiving table.


If you want to add in your stuffing layer or serve this like an open faced sandwich on a base of stuffing we won’t judge…in fact…it’s encouraged! 

Carrot Pot Pies

I’m sure we’ve all had our share of pot pies over the years but this carrot pot pie recipe is not your freezer isle usual. It’s a delicious and borderline culinary masterpiece. You can make some of these carrot pot pies to share as well! 


Be careful, you’ll be tempted to make way too many carrots next year just to have some leftovers for this recipe, it’s so tasty and unique! 

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